Thursday, July 23, 2009


The Ram

It has been a while. I guess my only excuse would be trying to enjoy the nice weather outside. It really is beautiful in the summer here. I am undersatanding why they call it "big sky" Montana. The days really last forever too. It does not get dark until after 9:30 pm and it is light around 5:00 am. Not any help when it comes time to put the kids to bed. But we have been tying to enjoy it.

The pictures are of the kids sitting on a ram they have in downtown Billings. They have quite a lot of these here. I remember Louisiana had the Alligators everywhere. I have a picture of Grandma Lindsay with the one at Womens and Childrens Hospital. I would post it too, if I could find it right now......

I have to admit that when Faith got out of Kindergarten, I thought it would be a long, long summer with me and the kids home all day long. But that has not been the case, we have only 4 weeks left and it has flown by. Mostly because I have had wonderful visitors to help me out. Thanks Mom, Whit and Marie. I have enjoyed having you in my Home. I always worry that we are too much work. Hey it could be work just watching me run circles around my kids. But it really means a lot to have you here building relationsships with them. Thanks!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Just a few pictures from the cabin in Panguich! I have a million, but these are some favorites. Allie caught a Horney Toad and carried it around for two days before it got away, the kids named him Beax.

Riding in the front pasture