Thursday, April 30, 2009

April comes to an End

We have been busy lately, April has been a very eventful month. Bret has been on a turnaroud at the plant so we have not seen much of him. I took thee Easter Vacation (without hime)and I have not slowed down. The girls of course had a wonderful birthday, then my Mom, Grandma and Sister came up for a visit. We took the kids to an indoor water park here in town. They had a ball. Lindsay spent more time under water than above it. She is a real fish. But I do have to admit they all are without fear. (I am sure they get it from their father) They were up and down the little water slides even Jace could not wait to go down again. Saying "gen mommy gen".

We then had stake conference and Elder Oaks came for a visit. Bret let me go to the Saturday evening session while he watched the kids. Big Break for me and a sacrifice for him I know. He loves the Saturday evening session. But loves me more, so he let me go. It was Brilliant!! I left so uplifted and Loved. Elder Oaks was so open and Candid with us all, I felt like I really knew him after the visit. He has a wonderful sense of humor, Yet such a mantel of apostleship. It was truly a blessing to have him for the visit.

Then Grandma Lindsay came up for the week. She has been a tremendous help. Allie had her tonsils out, adenoids worked on as well as tubes put in her ears. She had abnormally large tonsils which caused her to snore at night, keeping her sisters up. Since the surgery she has just wanted mommy to hold her. Which leaves Grandma to the rest of the duties. She has been wonderful. Lindsay still calls her by her first name "Linda" Every once and while she calls her "girlfriend" they certainly have a special bond the two of them. Grandma leaves on Sunday and life will return to it's regular mundane schedule. Because Bret has been on turnarounds at the plant the last month I am declaring May as "get to know Daddy again month".

Below are a few more pictures from our vacation to Utah. This one is the Girls playing in the Haystack in Grandmas back yard. then them pretending to ride the 4-wheelers.


I don't remember doing that with my cousins. Sorry Tandi.

I Want Candy

We went to two Easter Egg hunts this year the first one was at the Morgan City baseball fields, behind the High School. It was over in two minuets tops. A Mad rush. Lindsay got the most eggs (5). Jace definitely was the most excited about eating the winnings. Makenna and Allie entertained themselves while waiting in line.

Egg Hunt

The kids had a ball at the Easter Egg Hunt in my parents back yard. My Dad was so creative this year, not only did the kids have an easter egg hunt, so did the adults. After the kids found their 10 eggs, My Dad tells us it is the big kids turn and eggs are hidden in the front. I see my Brother take off like a rabbit. He must have know what was up. Shortly after my sister Whitney and her husband Ryan go crazy and then follows my Aunt LeAnn and the cousins. So what was the big idea?? The easter eggs had money in them, some only 50 cents but others has twenty dollar bills. Others had gift certificates to subway and other things.

The whole vacation was just one activity after another. We really enjoyed our time there. One afternoon my dad pulled out his cement mixer and mixed up some cement and the kids made stepping stones from rocks that they had found earlier that day on a ride up a dirt road. We really enjoyed everyone!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

What to wear

Last night while tucking in the girls I noticed that Faith had brought a hand held mirror to bed with her.

"Faith" I said " please give me the mirror:
" Just a minuet mom, I need to see what smile I'm going to wear tomorrow"

A lesson to all of us to wear our best smile everyday I thought.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Lindsay

Turning "4"

Allie and Lindsay shared their Birthday Party this year with their cousin Makenna, She was born on the 11th and the twins birthday is on the 14th, Just 3 days apart. We drove to Utah the day before and then celebrated in my sisters home. She had some friends over from her neighborhood, My mom painted faced and then we broke a unicorn pinata. Fun!! Fun!!! Fun!! and only 2 days before celebrating Easter. It was to be a fun filled weekend.

Happy Birthday Allie and Lindsay!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Surprise Phone Call

This is Wendy's husband Bret making an entry. I have been in Turnaround at the Refinery and haven't seen much of Wendy or the kids this past month. This past Wednesday I got a surprise phone call from Faith. She used to call me all the time in Louisiana, but this was the first time calling me on my cell since we moved to Montana. She started off saying, "Daddy, I have a secret to tell you" and not knowing what it was, I quietly stepped out of my meeting. Then she went on to tell me that "Mommy is pregnant!" I wasn't sure what to say or think and before my mind started to spin too fast, she quickly followed up by saying "April Fools". I must admit she got me on that one. I could hear Wendy in the background just laughing. Everyone at the Plant knows we have 5 kids under 5, so after I shared my surprise phone call, they all responded saying "Now that was a good one." Nice to see my kids have a little humor in them.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A first for everything

Austin has started to sit up by himself and roll over. He is also exploring the opportunity of food other than mom. The swallowing thing is all very new to him since he really only knows how to suck. So first comes the gag then the spit where mom needs a shield. Not sure why they don't make bibs for Moms, I guess we would look a little ridiculous. However I it seems to amaze me how messy t these little ones are learning the concept of eating from a spoon. Not sure if he likes it yet but he is getting a little down.

Recipe for Creps

For all the requests here is my recipe, and yes for my small family we sometimes triple it.

3/4 Cup Flour
1 Tbl Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
1 1/4 Cup Milk
3 Eggs
2 Tbl Oil

Combined the Flour, Sugar and Salt. Make a hole in the middle to pour the milk a little at a time while whisking with wire whisk. I usually add half the milk then the eggs and then the rest of the milk so it does not go lumpy. Then add the oil last. Pour small amount into your fry pan on medium to high heat and swirl it around to fit the edges flip it and serve with your favorite toppings