Saturday, June 28, 2008

# 5 is a BOY!!!!

Yes It's a Boy. for anyone not in on the news we found out the day before we left on vacation. It came as no suprise to me. some things you just have a feeling about. I wanted to scan in the ultrasound picture. It is very clear that it is a boy, but our scanner is not working, so you will have to take my word for it.
yesterday I started going thru most of my girl clothing and purging. Then I started going thru the boys clothes to see what I had saved and over anxious me hung up every little outfit I had in the nursery. I know I still have 4 months to go. but being able to walk in the room and see all the little clothes hanging up really gets me excited. And during the heat of the summer and pregnant I need the cute little reminder it is all worth it sometimes.

3 girls and 2 boys, Wow what a blessing. I am so glad Jace will have a brother to pal around with.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Vacation to Remember!!

I should be out mowing the lawn right now. The grass is beginning to look like a jungle. That’s what happens in the summer when you live in Louisiana and do not mow for a week. Yes it only takes a week. But we have a good excuse for not completing the task, yes Bret and I took a vacation. No kids, 6 days, In New York City!! My sister is living there for the summer and we have two really good friends in Jersey. So we decide it was a great time to take advantage of the chance to see the east coast. Bret’s mom was in town so she graciously watched the kids for us. We were planning on taking Jace. Lightening the load for her. But in the end were enticed to leave him behind and enjoy the anniversary vacation just the two of us. Not to say I do not love that little bundle of joy, but wow am I glad that we left him with grandma. I experienced real conversation without interruption, We slept in every morning waking up refreshed. My mind almost seemed in another place, clear and able to think clearly. Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom. But sometimes you forget there is a person behind the Mom. I think that is what I enjoyed most about the vacation. Just being me, relaxed and with friends and family!!!

We visited some unforgetable places. I will post more later, but below are some of New York City.

Our top 10
10. Riding the train into Pen Station
9. Standing at the top of Sid's building looking down on New York
8.The M & M store
7. Walking the park, and Statue of Liberty
6. visiting Montauk point light house. First light house in new york state
5. visiting the Beach with the Bassetts. BRRRRRR cold water
4. Dinner with Mike and Marcela, good salsa, and a georgus drive around New Jersey
3. Seeing the Broadway play Wicked with my Mom and Marie
2. Bret went to a Yankees Game
1. Enjoying everything without KIDS!!!!

Statue of Liberty

We took the tourist boat ride over to the island where the Statue of Liberty sits. The view of new York from the boat was really nice and it was a very nice relaxing walk around the island

Eating Out

We had some great food in Little Italy, A resturant someone had suggested to my brother Billy. Their noodles were homeade and very tasty. We also ate at Bubba Gumps in Time Squar. I took a picture of Autumn with her head in the bucket. she fit right in with the atmosphere. Marie's kids were real champs. I would have never attempted the task of two resturants two days. but then the Adults did out number the children.

lots of people

O.K. so I knew New York had lots of people, but I still could not help but be amazed at the hords of people in the streets constantly. from sun up to sun down. And Pedestriens still rule the streets. I think Bret thought he was back in Venezuela, Jay walking everywhere. And Marie. Needs a standing ovation for her driving!! excelent Job. She weaved in and out just like a true New Yorker>> (Like I know what that is) but she looked like she fit in.


Check out the M&M guy. one of the few stores we entered. Us girls are succers for choclate. The m&m's were good, but not sure if they were worth $7 a bag.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Birthday time!!!!!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Faith

"Hula on over to Faith's house for some fun in the sun"
That was what we printed on the party invitations. I admit I started planning 2 weeks in advance and I do not know who was more excited Faith or me. I have a hard time not over doing the birthday thing. I told Bret I almost need a seperate allowance for Bithday Parties. I get carried away with favors and games, and all the decorations.

We started the party off with Faith giving out Leis to all her friends and guests. She loved this (She enjoys being the hostess), Then we sat down at the kitchen table and made visors or necklaces, Whatever the children perfered. After the craft we headed out side, where I had a sprinkler under the tramp and lual music blasting form the radio. We had the kiddie pool filled with water and a cooler filled with water ballons. ( they went fast!) I had a bubble station with about 6 or 7 different wands, later we had a hula hoop contest and then I put hibiscus flower tatoo's on the guests. All before the piata and cake! Whhoooooo.

Friday, June 6, 2008


On the last day of School Jace's teacher prestented us with a scrapbook of pictures from the year. Inside the notebook the teachers each wrote a little something. Mrs. Alex and Ms. Bethany said the following.
"We've already picked out his career in life!He will either be a stunt double or in the circus! He is absolutely fearless and spends lots of time trying to give us a heart attack by hanging from the rafters! He has an adorable innocent face, and is a ball of energy! We love him just as much as he loves his matchbox cars! He looks so grown up when he walks in the door with his backpack on. We will miss him."

I cannot agree more. Jace is my little stunt man. I think he learned most of it from Allie, She is pretty fearless herself.

Jace has also started sleeping with the matchbox cars. he carries them around constantly. He has no problem distinguishing his "boy toys" in a house full of dolls and Polly pockets. He is such a little "GUY"

Last Day of School

On the last day of School, Allie and Lindsay's class shared with the parents a little program of all they had learned that year. They recited their ABC's and sang some songs they had learned durring the year. They recited their sounds, colors and shapes. It was an adorable program and we will miss their teachers so much. Mrs. Kat and Mrs. Stacy have been wonderful to my girls.

Band aids

My children like to use band aids like accessories. Their stuffed animals often have boo boo’s and I find band aids all over the stuffed animals, But today I found the three girls in the hall with a band aid on every little scratch they must have had on their legs and feet. We are implementing a new rule. No band aid unless there is blood. This is just
Becoming to much of an expensive activity.