Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun in the Sun

The girls and I took a vacation to California over Halloween, Did I say just the gils and me! No boys. Not that we don't love the boys, But the girls are old enough to walk,enjoy Disneyand rides and do not need naps. We met my mom there and spent 5 wonderful days in cali, while there we met up with my sister and her husband at Hunnington Beach. It was so good to see her. The gils loved playing in the sand and running up and down the beach. The water was still cold but air was warm and the sun was shinning!

I really enjoyed watching my gils play in the Hotel pool while I layed in the sun. They spent four hours in the Hotel swimming pool one day. We also went trick-or-treating up and down the shops on Hunnington Blv. It was so random, we kinda ran into a great trick-or treat party while looking for a place to eat dinner on Halloween night.

We spent two days in the famous land of Disney! We did Disneyland and the Adventure park, among my favorites was the Aladin play and watching the girls get excited to have their pictures taken with the Caracters, Faith was very into getting all the signatures she could.

Bret held the fort down at home with the two boys (missing out on a phesent hunting trip) He and Austin were sick, Not the funnest weekend for him. But he was so nice to let me enjoy the time off cooking and cleaning and enjoy my girls!

Hunnington Beach