Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whitney and Ryan

Well this weekend was one to never be forgotten. My little sister was married in the Bountiful Utah Temple. It was rainy day, but cleared up for pictures. It was so wonderful to see her so in love and on her way to building her own family. I am so proud of her. She has always been a delight to be around and has always seemed older than her actual age. But over the weekend I think her age caught up with her. She is really married.( still sinking in with me) We all love Ryan and know that he will take good care of her. They both deserve so much happiness and they certainly have started off on the right foot. I love you both!!!! Congratulations. Wish I had a pic of you and Ryan together. Anyone want to see her great Bridals check out her blog,


At the reception the photographer had this great idea about us sisters getting in our wedding dresses for a picture, My mom and Whitney thought it was a great idea as well, Marie and I were a little apprehensive. Especially me considering I just gave birth to my 5th child 3 months ago, and do not look remotely like a bride, more the motherly look, Unlike my two younger sisters. But I went along with the idea. We actually took some fun pictures and it brought back some fond memories of my day in white. The younger girls also loved it. Seeing there mom in the Wedding Dress and asking all kinds of questions like " is that what you wore when you married Daddy!"

Like father like son

Bret has been faithful to the Nike product since he could see a swoosh. We can hardly make it up to my parents house without going to the Nike outlet in Park City. And he has never owned a pair of shoes that were not nike. I myself have a great collection of Nike athletic wear, gifts from Christmas and Birthdays. He is great about spoiling me. But now it is the kids turn. Check out Austin's Hat.

Saturday with Dad


the following pictures were taken in the back yard. The girls attempting to sled down the hill, they needed no sled, Just a little pull from daddy. I had gotten some new snow boots on sale at Target 75% off. However I bought a size bigger for each of them so they will last at least two winters. Allie's kept falling off, but she would just keep trudging up the hill in her socks. Needless to say it was a lot of fun and we all went in for Hot Choclate afterwards.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Super Mom

No, that would not be me but my mom. She is an incredible artist. Can you believe she did this in one afternoon and then finished it up the next morning. Both my parents came up to Billings the day after Christmas to see us, and somehow Faith got it in her head that grandma was going to paint a Castle on her wall. So that was the first thing that came out of her mouth when grandma arrived ( well that and the fact that she thought we were going to celebrate Hanukkah-Christmas was over so she thought that was next). So grandma (the optimists) said why not, Let's go get some paints. So off to the paint store we went. And then not only did the girls get a Castle but the princesses as well. Lucky girls.
We have an on going theme in our house. Because of the girl's hair colors being blond, brunette, and red they have labeled themselves accordingly to the princess, Allie is Cinderella, Lindsay is Bell and Faith is Ariel. This was their costumes for Halloween. They each have dolls accordingly, and if they are coloring they make sure they have the princess they actually believe they are. It is not uncommon either for them to introduce themselves to strangers as Bell, Cinderella and Ariel. For now I think it is enduring after all how long can a little girl believe she really is a princess before the world tries to convince her otherwise.

While my folks were here my Dad put up a shelf in my laundry room, and took the girls for 4-wheeler rides (Daddy's new Christmas present) It was freezing outside, but the kids did not seem to mind, All but faith, Jace kept wanting to go back for more and finally fell asleep in Dads arms while riding around. He was almost frozen. We really enjoyed my parents visit and loved having them all to ourselves, sounds selfish, but it is different when they visit us, there were less distracitons for them and I hope they were able to enjoy themselves!!!! We sure did!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chirstmas Morning Fun

Temple Square

Holiday visit to Utah

Family here we come!!!!, of all the reasons we wanted to come to Billings, one was to be in driving distance to my family in Utah. We wanted to take advantage of this time when the kids were little to get to know my family a little bit better. So this Holiday season we spent two trips to Utah; Thanksgiving and Christmas and plan on going back in January for my sisters wedding!!!!. This last vacation, we really had fun, I hope everyone else felt the same way. Two family parties, Great Christmas food, and a trip to Temple Square and more.
On the Sunday before Christmas, we went to Church with my Grandma Archibald, then took a little nap at her house and went down to Temple Square with uncle KC. The girls loved seeing the Temple. Temple Square in Salt Lake City is one of my favorite places. I was so taken back when we reached the temple and with all the enthusiasm a little girl could have Faith said, "Mom I want to be married in THAT Temple." Me too, Me too, chimed in the twins. It was so precious, We did not stay long enough to see the lights but walked thru the visitors center and the History museum. The sister Missionaries on the outside grounds took some time to stop and sing some songs with the girls to the people walking by, It was very sweet. The girls love performing.

I was glad to have had this moment because what was to follow was beyond my imagination. We (or should I say I) have been waiting and waiting to have the opportunity to attend the family Christmas parties with the kids that I grew up going to. Well when we arrived at my Aunt LeAnn's House the kids darted off in excitement. Austin was hungry so I sat down to feed him. Immediately after he was done he spued all over me, my white shirt was soaked, I had to ask my Aunt to borrow a shirt. Then when we sat down at a little table and the kids kept pulling the table cloth and spilling every ones drink on her brand new carpet. I was so nervous, Then Jace disappeared and re-appeared with a dirty diaper IN HIS HAND!!! the poop was all over his leg, so off to the tub I went, My cousin's wife, Emily, was right by my side (bless her). We cleaned him up and got back to the party, My Dad was dancing with the girls and Jace while Billy and Ryan played music on the guitar, and we all sang Christmas songs. After that Santa dropped off some gifts at the door.

The girls got stamps!!!! WOW they loved them! But moms mistake was that she did not tell them to wait until we got home to open them. While we played, Jace found the shampoo downstairs and dumped it all over the carpet, made it smell good right? Bret cleaned up that one. Remind me why I wanted to bring five kids under five to a Christmas party. There was plenty of fun and food to have but I was spending all my time running around like a chicken with its head cut off, when we finally got in the car my sweet husband reminded me that the party is not about me anymore. It is all about the kids. And so even if I did not get to visit with the family as much as I wanted, I know that the kids had a good time. And we will remember this one for a long long time. Is that what memories are all about. Thanks to everyone for letting us be a part of your Christmas this year!