Thursday, February 11, 2010

Growing up

Well, its happening, I am always saying how I am looking forward to the kids reaching the next stage in life, This was a make moms life easier step forward. Faith has been talking about how she wants to sleep in her own room. I think she has a need for a little alone time. (Can I blame her) I need it too, and not easy to come by in our house. I told her if she wanted to shower upstairs that was o.k. with me. so I taught her how to wash her hair all by herself. Not that maybe she could not have done it sooner. Maybe I did not trust her to get it right, or maybe I was just so stuck in the bedtime routine of doing everything myself and I did not know how to break it. Anyway. I send her to the upstairs bathroom and in 15 minuets Vuallla, she returns bathed, Hair washed and teeth brushed. Only 4 more kids to go.