Thursday, August 28, 2008





Working Overtime!

Well our house is officially up on the Market we have a nice ERA Moffet Reality sign in the front yard. To me this means overtime. As if taking care of all the young ones was not a full time job I now consider myself on overtime. Wish I was getting paid. The realtor had suggested that I just make sure the house was presentable every time I left the house. HA, HA. I would never get out of the house. We showed it 3 times in the last 2 days and each time I had to buckle the kids in the car seats with the car running and then run back in the house to pick up all the last few toys, shoes, sippy cups ect. Not sure how long I can keep this up. My late nights that really are not that late have turned into moping, I am not a big fan of moping since most of my 2300 sq ft house is wood floors. I am exhausted when I finish.

We have also started to make our first plans for Hurricane Gustavo. It is hard to wish it falling landfall on anyone. We are just hoping for it to slow down in the gulf, and worst case we are out of Electricity for less than a day. I am reminded of the quote “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear” I am not typically a nervous person, so hopefully we can pass thru this next couple of weeks peacefully, since I hear there are 2 more Hurricanes behind Gustavo. Where ever we are??

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Prien Lake Elementry

Faiths 1st Day of Kindergarten has finally arrived. I say finally because she has anxiously been waiting for this day since pre-kindergarten was let out in May. We set out her new uniform the night before and I thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep with excitement. But come 6:45 I had to wake her up because I was so excited! Some talk of the blues of sending your baby off to the first day of school. Maybe they will hit me next week?

I guess it eases my worries to know that Faith is a very outgoing little girl who loves to succeed. When we went to meet and greet she had already memorized the name tags of the kids whose back packs hung next to hers. She really has a hunger for learning. In the past she has loved and admired her teachers and has a desire to please them. I think she’ll do Great!!

1st Day of Kindergarten

In keeping the tradition alive, I remembered that on the 1st day of school my mom always had a warm batch of cookies waiting for me when I came home. So I pulled out Moms Famous Choclate Chip cookie recipe around 1pm so they would be waiting for her when she came home. We then began to chat about her day. She sang me a new indian song she learned, told me about all the rules, especially the one about needing to raise her had to talk, because if everyone talked at once all the teacher would hear would be bla...bla...blaa. She told me how she saw two friends, Kenya from Church and Noah from her pre-Kindergarten class. She cannot wait to go back again!