Sunday, October 31, 2010

Downtown Trick or Treating

Halloween Visitors

We were so lucky to have our cousins come and visit for the weekend. We had so much fun together. I think they left knowing they could not have fit in one more thing. We stayed busy with Halloween parties, Truck or Treating, Cake Decorating and FUN, FUN, FUN. Little Autumn even made the evening News. She was getting her face painted when the 2 news station decided to Zero in on her little face. I was so glad for DVR, we were able to watch it that evening. Here are a few Snapshots of the Weekend.

Jace explains it perfect in this picture how much fun we all had in this weekend.
Another little tid bit about Jace, this last week he has wore his fireman costume EVERY DAY. Axe and all. We almost lost the Axe at Wendy's resturant once. I have never seen a child more excited for Halloween. It was better than Christmas for him.

Cookie Making

We had a go at making cookies the other day. We made choclate skeletons and sugar cookie pumpkins. We are always doing an alternative for Dad when Chocolate is offered. How can anyone NOT like CHOCOLATE I still do not know. Anyway it was a hit. Payton even came over to share in the fun. She is a regular at the house. One day I will have to do and entry on the many extra children that I help raise. I suppose that is part of having a big family, everyone wants to join in the fun.

Halloween Fun

Making cookies Together

Day at the park

It has been a wonderfully warm October for Montana. We spent one afternoon out at a beautiful park last week. Here are a few glimpses

If you notice Jace drinking his bug juice. It has become his signature. Maybe a little like Bret and Big Red. I cannot pass a gas Station (one in particular) without him begging me to stop for Bug Juice. Obviously I gave in today as you can see him guzzling it down above.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010