Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jammin with Faith

Jammin with Faith

That's your daughter, no that's your daughter, was what was going through our minds as Bret and I watched the first grade perform during the Elementary Schools Christmas Program.
Faith was one of Three guitar players picked for the performance. She had told me earlier in the week how excited she was to have been picked. She would often show me her great guitar skills, I had no idea that it would turn out to be such a standing ovation from the crowd. She literaly had them in her hand. I received many comments afterwards that I should really get her into guitar lessons. They all don't understand this is just her. A Ham, Just like her Dad!!

Faith's School Christmas Program

I wonder how her Ballet Performace will be tommorrow night???

Our Thanksgiving Turkey

I lucked out this year, We were invited to some friends house for Thanksgiving and they wanted to do the turkey! Only wanting us to bring side dishes. Well this is what we came up with for the kids. They loved it. I only wished that I would have thought of it sooner. Would have been a great treat for snack time at the twins Pre-school!