Monday, November 10, 2008


This is for you Kristen>>>

8 TV shows that I watch
What??? I have 5 kids five and under, tell my husband we need cable!

8 things that happened yesterday

1. attended church
2. Ate some yummy Jambalaya at the Young's house
3. said goodbye to friends
4. changed diapers, calmed baby Austin
5. took a Nap!!!!!
6. Took a shower for that matter and shaved my legs!!!
7. Gave my Hubby a kiss
8. called my sister Marie to check on my girls

8 things I look forward to

1.Being settled in our new house
2. Home for Thanksgiving
3. Home for Christmas
4. Skiing again
5. Starting my exercise program
6. My kids spending time with Grandpa
7. Austins Baby Blessing
8. Austin Sleeping through the night.

8 things on my wish list.

1. More time with my extended family
2. Being more perseptive of others needs (charity)
3. Daddy home for dinner every night at 6pm
4. A maid (paid for of course)
5. Live in sitter that loves my kids as much as Alanna or Sara Beth
6. Meeting a real great girlfriend in Montana
7. Children that grow up with Faith, Testimonies and love for the Lord.
8. Free sky miles to fly anytime I want back to Louisiana. or anywhere for that matter

8 favorite places to eat

1. D'Angelos
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Cold Stone
4. Terra Cottas
5. Red Lobster
6. Paradise Smoothie
7. Taggerts
8. Bret's BBQ

Friday, November 7, 2008

More of Austin

Just a few more pictures of my beautiful baby boy. these last 2 weeks have been crazy, crazy, We had a house full of family, 3 grandmas, 1 grandpa, my family and packers and movers! Then Bret had to take off for meeting in Billings and left us to the final tasks. I was trying to not overdue it. (after a 3rd C-section) but i am not the stand by and watch kinda girl. It was hard but I did have some wonderful grandmas trying to slow me down. They were a huge help. Keeping the kids ocupied, and organizing the home. Grandma Carrie bonded with the baby, I would feed Austin and then almost everytime she was right there to burb him and hold him if he was fussy. Austin will really miss her. Austin does not realize yet that he has to share mommy with 4 other children. The girls have been really sweet sisters, but I have to admit Jace is by far the most protective. He loves loving on his brother and lets me know every time Austin is crying. Very sweet.

My little gymnasts

ok so for those of you who do not know my girls, they are always in Ballet or gymnastic leotards. Lindsay wore one all summer long refusing to take it off for bed time and wore it under her dresses to church. She wore it everywhere!!! finally we broke her from the habit of wearing one but entered the phase of her carring it every where she went like a blankie. Thus many of the pictures you have seen of the girls including the one in the blog header are of the girls in the leotards.

Last week was there last day of gymnastics class before we move. They have had a wonderful time in there little class and we hope to be able to find something fun for them to do in Montana. The are both very active girls and need the exercise...

Happy Halloween

Check out the cool lips my grandma brought the kids, They were a huge hit!