Sunday, June 14, 2009

I gotta remember this

I was looking at Allie and Lindsay through the rear view mirror in the car the other day. They were looking and acting so grown up. it made me remember it was not too long ago they were both in infant car seats and screaming. This week they both proved to me how grown up they were. Here is an example for each

Lindsay, was at our neighbors house playing with one of her and Allies best friends Riley. Lindsay began arguing about the food they were having for snack. this is the conversation with Riley's Mom

Riley's Mom: "Lindsay don't argue with me"
Lindsay: (As she waves her necklace in the air) "I'm not arguing with you, I'm changing your mind with my magic necklace."

Allie: I took the girls to a Ballet performance last night. we got all dressed up and went to apple-b's, and then to the Ballet, Riley was performing and another little girl from church. The performance was Sleeping Beauty, very well put together, with Prince Charming and everything. Well at intermission while visiting with some ladies someone comes out from the closed curtain with a microphone to announce that they found a little girl back stage. She said her name was ALLIE. Could Allie's mom please come and get her. As I looked over, there was Allie safely in the arms of Prince Charming (not scared) but grinning from ear to ear. She knew exactly what she was doing and where she was going. their was no "wandering off " in this situation.

I should have had prince charming give her a kiss. right!

All too grown up.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Turning "6"

Well I can no more use the phrase "I have five, five and under" It has been kind of a monumental year for me. I have often felt like if motherhood was considered a career to the world, I would be in my residency. It has been like a blur sometimes, long days and lots of lessons learned. My biggest goal has always been to try and enjoy the moment I am in (whatever that might be). I have made a lot of progress in this area. I remember many days just telling my self, this too shall pass. Well most of it has past. Things are already getting easier. My baby girl is six years old and finishing up Kindergarten. She is big help around the house. The twins and Jace can entertain Austin if I need them too. They are all growing up.

Faith wanted to have a Garden Party for her sixth Birthday, She wanted everyone to come and plant floweres. But not wanting to worry about getting the house ready, lawn included. Then Knowing myself to go overboard on a "in house" party with decorations and food. I thought it would be cheaper if we just did it at a local Play Place. So she was satisfied with a flower cake we had previously picked out from a picture in a magazine. It was supper easy, and then we gave out some small flower pots with seeds that they could take home and plant themselves.

Games and Pizza

The Play Place we went to was essentially a glorified indoor play land. We used to go to one at the Trinity Center in Louisiana where the twins attended preschool. We loved it, Mom could sit and rest while the kids ran off all there energy. When I was in my last trimester with Austin it was especially a big hit, Being indoors we could go no matter how hot it was outside. This play land reminded us of that one. It turned out to be a hit with the kids, and zero clean-up for Me. They provided Pizza Too!!

Cake Time

Song and Birthday Cake!

Opening Presents

Opening of the presenents. I always love how the children crowd around as close as possible to get a look at the new gifts!

These were the little pots the kids took home. The girls also took home a flower pen. The tag attached said

Friends are like flowers and I am so glad I picked you! Thanks for coming to my party.

I am such a cheezy mom.