Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jace has a new friend, the kind that no one else knows about but him. Jace may be number four child, but this is my first experience with imaginary friends. The funniest thing about this whole scenario is that he has named him Baraco. Baraco came into his life just after our Family Home Evening on presidents of the United States. We read a book about Barack Obama. Of course his pronunciation is a little different but all the same he mentions his friend Baraco all the time. Tells me Baraco is coming to his birthday party and we are going to see Baraco at the YMCA. Whenever he metions him I just roll my eyes and laugh.

Another tid bit I want to remember about my little Jace is that he has the most adorable head bob, when I get around to it I hope to video it on flip. Any time you ask him a question and he decides to responds happily he bobbles his head, Yes bobbles just like the bobbles weird people used to put in their cars. He gets this smirk on his face and looks out of the corner of his eyes when he does it. So cute only a 3-year-old could get away with it.