Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gingerbread houses

The kids have really been into making Gingerbread houses this year, well that and Christmas trees made out of upside down ice cream cones. Our wonderful neighbor had the kids over for a party and they made them, then they made them at girl scouts, the twins made them in their class at school and Jace will be making them at Pre-School on Tuesday!. Whew!!!! we are almost gingerbread done for the next couple of years I would say.

Ice Skating

Today was a wonderful winter Saturday. We spent the day cleaning up the house and then took the kids Ice Skating. They picked it up quite well.I shouldn't be surprised,but I was. Jace was fast and had a smile on his face the whole time. Thank heavens for the little walkers. Although Jace loved his walker the girls were ready to get rid of their little walkers 2 minuets into the skate time. It was fun and I was very proud of all of them for trying something new. Oh, Yes thanks a bunch to Grandma sitting on the sidelines holding Austin so we could enjoy it.

Christmas Wish

I'll I want for Christmas is my two front Teeth!!!!

Grandma sledding

Go Grandma GO!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All dressed up

School Christmas Program

Well yes the annual Elem entry School program came this year and we had not one, not two, but three little stars! Allie most likely made the most animated this year. If you listen carefully you can hear her echo the words to the song. (on the off beat). They were all so excited and reminded me at least four times the night before to put curlers in their hair. They wanted to look just their best. Hope you enjoy the performance. We sure did. Although the boys did not make the program they had a little act of their own.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Venture Theater

Faith Participated in the Elementary Schools Venture Theater Program
this year. They spent a week practicing, And then performed for the school one morning and the parents that evening. Faith was so excited! If you remember anything about Faith is that she is quite the performer. She reminded the girls in front of her twice that they needed to leave her a window.(making sure she was seen by all) She knew all her parts and sang well. We all enjoyed watching the program. Way to go Faith. We look forward to seeing her and her sisters perform next week in the schools annual Christmas program.

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Last weekend it dumped on us. We had TONS of snow. It was cold but the kids did not seem to mind. They kept Grandma and me busy climbing up the back hill over and over again, helping them with their sleds. Bret's mowing job over the summer has seem to come in handy. He told me mowing the back hill would be a great idea! And yes it is a smoother ride down the hill. Thanks Honey!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gold medal in the making

Well I attended my first meet as a mom. I was so proud of Faith. I am sure thease videos will bring back memories for my mom. Faith earned a ribbon on each event. She was so excited to have performed so well.

Minnie Meet

Little climbers

Listen for the video where Allie continues to say. "Mommy I wanted to go higher" as if she had not already climbed almost completly to the top, she wanted to go further. Most of the little kids were too nervous or scared to even attempt climbing the wall.I quess my girls are turnning our to be more like their Mom than I had hoped.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buddy's Vacation

Yes even the dog needs a vacation sometimes! Bret took Buddy Bird hunting last week with some of my family,(my Dad, Brother and some uncles and cousins) I am glad he was able to go and enjoy himself. He talked some of them into stoping by our house on the way home for some waffles. I was so glad they stopped and stayed the night. I enjoy seeing family, it is always a blessing.

pheasent hunt

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Downtown Trick or Treating

Halloween Visitors

We were so lucky to have our cousins come and visit for the weekend. We had so much fun together. I think they left knowing they could not have fit in one more thing. We stayed busy with Halloween parties, Truck or Treating, Cake Decorating and FUN, FUN, FUN. Little Autumn even made the evening News. She was getting her face painted when the 2 news station decided to Zero in on her little face. I was so glad for DVR, we were able to watch it that evening. Here are a few Snapshots of the Weekend.

Jace explains it perfect in this picture how much fun we all had in this weekend.
Another little tid bit about Jace, this last week he has wore his fireman costume EVERY DAY. Axe and all. We almost lost the Axe at Wendy's resturant once. I have never seen a child more excited for Halloween. It was better than Christmas for him.

Cookie Making

We had a go at making cookies the other day. We made choclate skeletons and sugar cookie pumpkins. We are always doing an alternative for Dad when Chocolate is offered. How can anyone NOT like CHOCOLATE I still do not know. Anyway it was a hit. Payton even came over to share in the fun. She is a regular at the house. One day I will have to do and entry on the many extra children that I help raise. I suppose that is part of having a big family, everyone wants to join in the fun.

Halloween Fun

Making cookies Together

Day at the park

It has been a wonderfully warm October for Montana. We spent one afternoon out at a beautiful park last week. Here are a few glimpses

If you notice Jace drinking his bug juice. It has become his signature. Maybe a little like Bret and Big Red. I cannot pass a gas Station (one in particular) without him begging me to stop for Bug Juice. Obviously I gave in today as you can see him guzzling it down above.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jace has a new friend, the kind that no one else knows about but him. Jace may be number four child, but this is my first experience with imaginary friends. The funniest thing about this whole scenario is that he has named him Baraco. Baraco came into his life just after our Family Home Evening on presidents of the United States. We read a book about Barack Obama. Of course his pronunciation is a little different but all the same he mentions his friend Baraco all the time. Tells me Baraco is coming to his birthday party and we are going to see Baraco at the YMCA. Whenever he metions him I just roll my eyes and laugh.

Another tid bit I want to remember about my little Jace is that he has the most adorable head bob, when I get around to it I hope to video it on flip. Any time you ask him a question and he decides to responds happily he bobbles his head, Yes bobbles just like the bobbles weird people used to put in their cars. He gets this smirk on his face and looks out of the corner of his eyes when he does it. So cute only a 3-year-old could get away with it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Growing up

Well, its happening, I am always saying how I am looking forward to the kids reaching the next stage in life, This was a make moms life easier step forward. Faith has been talking about how she wants to sleep in her own room. I think she has a need for a little alone time. (Can I blame her) I need it too, and not easy to come by in our house. I told her if she wanted to shower upstairs that was o.k. with me. so I taught her how to wash her hair all by herself. Not that maybe she could not have done it sooner. Maybe I did not trust her to get it right, or maybe I was just so stuck in the bedtime routine of doing everything myself and I did not know how to break it. Anyway. I send her to the upstairs bathroom and in 15 minuets Vuallla, she returns bathed, Hair washed and teeth brushed. Only 4 more kids to go.