Monday, September 29, 2008

Cookies ??

Most of the time I feel under apreciated as a mom but today I was reminded that someone does care.

conversation with Allie.

Allie: Mom are you making cookies?
Mom: yes
Allie: You make cookies for me? Oh, You make me so Happy, cookies are so good in my tummy.
Mom: Would you like to help me?
Allie: I'm so proud of you Mommy!!

Glad to be appreciated, even if it is in the eyes of a 3 year old.

Alligator in the House

So we pulled down the Halloween boxes today. I have few decorations, but some how have accumulated two tubs full of costumes. I think it stems from the big box my mom kept in her basement full of crazy outfits. She kept it out all year long and as teenagers we would frequently get into it and video skits or scare random neighbors. Crazy memories come from that box and I guess I am trying to start my own box.

As I pulled out the costumes Lindsay tried on every single one, both girls had a ball trying on the witches hats, and crazy wigs, but the best part was when Jace saw his Alligator costume from last year and refused to take it off. He was screaming and kicking 3 hours later when I took it off for his nap time. He was adorable up till then running around pretending like he was going to eat his sisters.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Cars, Cars, Cars

This is my Boy, Yes All boy He loves Cars, Trucks, Trains, Tractors and although his vocabulary is very small he already knows the difference between any motorized vehicle. He is also very keen about the house hold keys. He is familiar with which key goes to which car. When leaving the house he assures me if I have the right set of keys, When Dad is leaving He hands him the Jeep Keys. His Favorite!!

Presents!! Presents!!!

Lane NA

Alayna or as Jace pronounces it "Lane Na" came with the perfect prestent. converse tennis shoes. they matched hers perfectly of course. Alyana is one of my faithful babysitters. Very brave girl might I admit to take on the 4 children for a nighttime routine while Bret and I try to have a night out. When we come home from a date I always find Jace's clothes laid out for the next day. She has a crazy fetish for dressing him. Especially his sunday outfits. This new outfit Alayna picked out for the special day. What are we going to do without her when we move. Good babysitters are not easy to come by.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jace Is 2!!

We celebrated Jace's seccond Birthday on Saterday. The Cliffords and our friend and Babysitter Alyna came over, Jace loved his race car cake, so much that on sunday while we were all resting he uncoverd the leftovers from the tupperware I had it in and helped himself. He was coverd in icing and had alread tried to clean himself up with a rag before he came to find me. Yummm yummm Sugar!

Oh ya, Have you ever seen a 2 year old blow out candles. Adorable He did it all by himself, no help needed. My girls did not figure that one out until 3.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to Normal.

School starts again tomorrow. Yeah for Faith. She is so excited and so is mommy! As for the weekend, I can only count my blessings: 1) I am not living in Houston right now and 2) I am so grateful for A/C!!!!! IKE came and went. We received minimal rain but lots of wind; we could hear the wind howling on Friday night and lost power about 12:30 A.M. It was a dark night but we had candles and then Bret hooked up the generator in the morning so that we would have some electricity and could run the fridge. By about 10am, Bret thought I was going to pass out or go into labor, so he quickly setup a window A/C unit in the master bedroom and pleaded for me to lay down and rest. It was a lifesaver to say the least. I would make it a couple of hours in the kitchen and working around the house before I would need to make my way back to the bedroom. I had no idea the heat would affect me so badly. I think it is mostly due to the fact that I am 8 months pregnant. I just do not last long. The girls seemed resilient as they enjoyed the family time since Daddy didn't have to go to work. Luckily we received power back Saturday night. Bret later put his Church hat on and began making rounds and checking on members. Most of the members faired much much better than 3 years ago with Rita, but we did had a few of the members who’s homes flooded because of the tidal surge. We also had 14 Missionaries from the Texas area evacuate to Lake Charles and they ended up staying in the chapel for 2 nights. I think they are all church movied out as we had them over for dinner and they were quoting them left and right.

Sunday they finally lifted the curfew for Lake Charles and we had a 2 hour block for the members who could make it over for church. The missionaries began the meeting singing “Where can I turn for peace” very appropriate and very touching. I know life is back to normal for us but for so many others the trials have just begun. They will be in our thoughts and prayers. 2 hurricanes in 2 weeks are plenty!!! Let’s just make it another month and Hurricane season will be over.

Thursday, September 11, 2008



Yikes here comes IKE……. So we are waiting this one out. Bret said the Generator is working great and we have plenty of water. If Ike stays on it’s same course it should be no more than a lot of rain and wind for us, not exactly what I can say for Galveston and Houston Area. But if it turns any more to the right tonight we might be wishing we would have evacuated. I feel like our time in Lake Charles just needed some more Hurricane memories before our move to Montana. Wouldn’t want to forget what an adventure they can be!!!

McNeese Pre Game Show


C-O-W-B-O-Y-S Goooooo Cowboys!!!!!!!

MSU Football Game

Bret and I attended a McNeese football game about 6 years ago, We really enjoyed it and thought that we could make it a yearly tradition while here in Lake Charles. Well after the kids started comming lets just say that last weekend was our seccond game to attend. We owe this special ocasion to Faith, I signed her up for a Cowgirl kicker Camp over the summer where they learned the fight song, among some of the dances. They were promised to be able to perform at the first McNeese State Football game. Faith was so excited and said her favorite part was watching the football players as they Blasted thru the opening Gate.
We also had 3 more cheerleaders in the stands. Yes Allie, Lindsay and Jace all loved the screamming action. Allie and lindsay even got down on the Bleachers and were dancing to the Band. I was worried about Allie because after each touchdown they set off a cannon. Allie hates loud noises. (Fireworks are a whole different story) However she was smiling the whole time while holding her ears. I was suprised we made it thru half time. McNeese was ahead when we left and I was told latter that they won by a mile. The kids really enjoyed it and everyone around us had a little extra entertainment. If we were here longer we would most likely try it again...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Evacuation Vacation is over

Well we have successfully returned Home from our trip to Houston due to Hurricane Gustav. The kids had no Idea it was a mandatory Vacation. Better that way. We feel so blessed and reassured that so many here in the states were spared the damage and destruction that this Hurricane could have caused. For some it was not easy packing up and moving to safe ground only to realize the place they ended up was worse off than if they would have just stayed home. I guess that is what you deal with in the uncertainty of where the Hurricane is going to go.

The Johnson Family so kindly took us in. The kids could not have been happier. The Johnson's have kids around the same age and a big beautiful home; it was like going to a luxury hotel with the bonus of Toys, Toys and more Toys!! I was actually very surprised at how well the kids behaved. They seemed to all get along very well. The only downfall was that while packing up to leave I came down with a horrible stomach flu that I then passed on to Lindsay and then Allie. On the way to Church on Sunday Allie vomited in the car, what a mess. Bret was so graacius in cleaning it up so as I would not begin to hurl, we decided to let me go back home with Allie while Dad took the rest to Church. Bret was a real trooper in taking care of his sick family durring this whole ordeal.

Now we are home but school does not start until next Monday, Stores are still getting around to opening, and Bret Is checking on the members of the ward. He is also helping prepare groups to go over to Baton Rouge this weekend for clean up. They will probly send work crews over the next couple of weekends to the areas that are most hard hit. This will make Sunday attendance very small, as the members will be in Yellow Helping Hand T-shirts instead of White Shirts on Sunday. I know many friends that are looking forward to this type of Service. I think it is great too.Bret asked if I wanted to go (jokingly). What can a 7 month pregnant woman do with 4 toddlers?
I would love to join a work crew but maybe another time.