Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gold medal in the making

Well I attended my first meet as a mom. I was so proud of Faith. I am sure thease videos will bring back memories for my mom. Faith earned a ribbon on each event. She was so excited to have performed so well.

Minnie Meet

Little climbers

Listen for the video where Allie continues to say. "Mommy I wanted to go higher" as if she had not already climbed almost completly to the top, she wanted to go further. Most of the little kids were too nervous or scared to even attempt climbing the wall.I quess my girls are turnning our to be more like their Mom than I had hoped.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buddy's Vacation

Yes even the dog needs a vacation sometimes! Bret took Buddy Bird hunting last week with some of my family,(my Dad, Brother and some uncles and cousins) I am glad he was able to go and enjoy himself. He talked some of them into stoping by our house on the way home for some waffles. I was so glad they stopped and stayed the night. I enjoy seeing family, it is always a blessing.

pheasent hunt