Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Favorite Food

The Kids ask for these almost every morning, they refer to them as Flat Pancakes, better known as Creps. When I was little they were one of my favorite breakfasts, and I called them roll-up-pancakes. I think they are going to be their favorite food for quite sometime. I can make a tripple batch and they will eat about five each if I let them. I have started buckling down to a double batch and telling them when the batter is all gone they are too. I figure they can't be that bad because they are full of eggs(protien), until they saterate them in syrup.

Flat Pancakes

Umm Ummmmmmm Good!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Common phrases

Here are just a few common phrases that come out of my mouth on a daily basis. I am sure I will remember more later and add them to the list so so I can remember these days.

* Snippy Snappy
* I do not have a magic wand ( oh how I wish I did thought)
* Supper fast super chic
* Give me your whinnies (followed by them spitting in their hand)
* 1....2....3..
* Hugs not hits
* You get what you get and don't throw a fit
* Where is your happy face
* Sit in your chair and don't get out
* Have you been excused yet
* No, mommy do it
* Only mommy cuts your hair
* Time out chair ultimatum
* If you're nice, you can have a ride in Daddy's Jeep
* Let's go on a treasure hut ( for the lost sock, shoe, or hair bow)
* OK kids here is the Plan.
* Touch your nose, your head, your eyes.....Listen to me (get's their attention quickly!


Of all the things I have learned to do one handed, I never thought the following would be on the list. Like cleaning a bathroom with clorox spray, curling my hair, making rolls, or typing on the computer. OK so typing on the computer not a big deal, but come on Wendy, you can put that baby down. It is not that I consciously carry him while accomplishing my daily tasks. It is usually the opposite; I am almost half way done before I realize that he is still on my hip. Pathetic I know, but I have a very strong left bicep. I probably rationalize in my mind that it would take too much time to go find the bouncer and lock him in than do it one handed. Not true, but it happens.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

All in a days work

Some say that you look back on the days when your children were little and miss it. I am not yet there and sometimes wonder if that will truly ever happen to me. My life is full of diapers and messes and Laundry, Baby feedings and Toddler Tantrums. Below are a few events that happen to me on a daily basis. Yes the following all happend in one day. The diaper is only one of eight that day. I walked up to the Baby room after cleaning up breakfast to discover that Allie had unloaded all of Austin's clothes out of his closet trying to find something to fit her doll. And yes That would be Lindsay in the top left corner hanging post-it-notes. I have no idea why, But just wait there is more......

All in a Days Work

Yes all the events took place in one day. I often amaze myself that I make it throught each and every day. Jace dumbed out the laundry soap and was playing in it with his trucks, then shortly after I found the dog on the table eating the leftovers. That was a first. Not him eating leftovers Just the on the table part. Oh Ya the sweet moment was Jace taking care of his baby doll that he carries around everywhere.