Friday, October 23, 2009

Austin is ONE

Austin has a cute little pumpkin cake. It was angel food cake, A big improvement from when my last child turned one and I had choclate cake with bright red frosting "Elmo Cake" Jace was covered in red for days. This was just perfect! Small, and easy to clean up. The kids had fun hanging up streamers and letting him open there gift. I am so glad that we have Austin in our family. I will have to admit it did not start out that way, when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to cry. Now as I watch my family interact I know we would never be complete without him.

When did my baby grow up??

Boys will be boys

"Jace you have got to be more careful".. Yes that is a phrase that leaves my mouth quite frequently. The pictues below is one of Jace on Daddy's 4-wheeler with a freind. The next one is a picture of a common accurence in our home. Jace and Austin wrestling. You know Austin is only 12 months old. The craziest thing is that even after being tackled by his big brother, Austin seems to want more and chases Jace down. Most of the time Jace is cute and let's Austin lay on him for kicks and grins, but I did say most of the time.

Fire Station

Allie and Lindsay were able to go on a field trip with their pre-school last week. I was so glad that they let siblings come along, Because we were going to Jace's dream place, The Fire station. Well it might be a toss up between that and Grandpa's house. Anyway we all had a really great time meeting the firemen and trying on their helmets along withe watching the latter go up and down.
Faith was not feeling well that day so I was going to keep her home from school. Lucky for her we had the little outing!

They loved watching the latter go up and down. The latter was 105 feet tall, It looked high from where we were standing. The fire men were all so kind to the kids. However when we got back in
the car to drive home Jace put on the long face. The one that makes my heart melt, and said, "I didn't go for a ride in the firetruck" No we can't full fill all those expectations.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What happend to Fall?

September was the most beautiful month of the year, perfect temperatures. The leaves on the trees were still green and then booom. A freezing spell. It got down to 19 degrees last week. We had snow for almost a week straight. I was thinking I still had time to get snow bibs, coats and gloves. But the sudden storm had me on a last minuet rush.

I have to admit the first snowstorm of the year is always beautiful. And the kids were all excited to go play in it, All but Faith. She will always be my southern girl I think. She was trying to come up with a plan to miss school so she would not have to go out to recess. But I sent her off anyway looking like a snowman. She tells me that her best friend and her always eat lunch very slow, to waste time in the cafeteria avoiding going out for recess.

Anyway it is suppose to warm up this week, maybe we will see some leaves falling off trees and experience a little bit of Fall.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Looking back

Jace turned 3 on September 15th, sometime after that I lost the battery charger to our camera, it has taken me this long to finally decided I needed to buy one. So it came in the mail the other day and whoa la I want to post some pictures.

Jace had a firetruck themed Birthday Party. My mom came up for the weekend and helped control all the neighborhood kids invited to the party! She helped hang the pinata and came up with a cool obstacle course for the kids. They were to get into a motorized car, then weave through some cones, climb a latter, pick out a fire hat and then find their way to me where I was shooting off rockets from an air compressor. Super fun idea, except when all the kids want to go at the same time then it is more like chaos.
Needles to say the kids had a blast and that is all that matters!

The picture below is Jace with his two best friends, Chandler and Craig!

While Mom was in town she also did the cutest Tea-party for the girls. She is so creative and the girls really enjoyed it. Most likely because I took the boys to McDonald's so she could have the house with just them. The girls and Grandma.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Things have been busy around the Jorgensen household lately. Allie and Lindsay are in Pre-k 3 days a week, Faith started piano lessons, and all the girls are in Ballet. I also enrolled Jace in a rock-tumble-roll class at the YMCA. It was a fortune of $15 a month.(j/K) worth every penny, he loves it. I think with the girls involved in school and in Ballet this year, It really gives him a sense of ownership on something. His own class that is just for him and not his sisters. I thought of the idea one day when I was taking the girls to ballet and he said he wanted to go to tractor ballet. I guess it was his way of saying, what do I get to do mom?. At rock-tumble roll class they have a zip-line, rock climbing wall and lots of mats for jumping and doing somersaults on. Just what he loves.

The kids are busy and happy. Austin has started to recognize Daddy, I mean really recognise Daddy. He screams when he comes in the room and screams when he leaves. He wants to be in Daddy's arms if Daddy is home.(O.K. by me!)

And me I am just trying to keep everything in balance. I struggle as every mom does I'm sure on how much time to give to the house cleaning, the cooking, exercising, reading books with the kids, doing crafts with the kids, getting fresh air outside. teaching them correct principals (money saving,friendship, Honesty etc.) All the Joys of Motherhood. However I truly am enjoying watching my children grow. Allie has taken to playing with Jace. She enjoys the farm play as much as he does. Lindsay has become my companion most of the time. She likes to follow me around the house asking me lots of questions. And Faith when home still enjoys leading her siblings in roll play or making crafts. I have been surprised how the twins enjoy so many different things, they do not play together as much as they used to. Allie especially wants to be her own person. If her sister is wearing something pink she will go out of her way to wear something purple. Just as long as she does not look like her sister. At first when I signed them up for Ballet, because Lindsay wanted to do ballet, Allie said she would only do Tap. ( she has since complied to do both)Maybe it is just a phase, But I think it is good for them.
My only concern is that they both grow in confidence and self assurance in whatever they decide.