Friday, October 23, 2009

Fire Station

Allie and Lindsay were able to go on a field trip with their pre-school last week. I was so glad that they let siblings come along, Because we were going to Jace's dream place, The Fire station. Well it might be a toss up between that and Grandpa's house. Anyway we all had a really great time meeting the firemen and trying on their helmets along withe watching the latter go up and down.
Faith was not feeling well that day so I was going to keep her home from school. Lucky for her we had the little outing!

They loved watching the latter go up and down. The latter was 105 feet tall, It looked high from where we were standing. The fire men were all so kind to the kids. However when we got back in
the car to drive home Jace put on the long face. The one that makes my heart melt, and said, "I didn't go for a ride in the firetruck" No we can't full fill all those expectations.

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