Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What happend to Fall?

September was the most beautiful month of the year, perfect temperatures. The leaves on the trees were still green and then booom. A freezing spell. It got down to 19 degrees last week. We had snow for almost a week straight. I was thinking I still had time to get snow bibs, coats and gloves. But the sudden storm had me on a last minuet rush.

I have to admit the first snowstorm of the year is always beautiful. And the kids were all excited to go play in it, All but Faith. She will always be my southern girl I think. She was trying to come up with a plan to miss school so she would not have to go out to recess. But I sent her off anyway looking like a snowman. She tells me that her best friend and her always eat lunch very slow, to waste time in the cafeteria avoiding going out for recess.

Anyway it is suppose to warm up this week, maybe we will see some leaves falling off trees and experience a little bit of Fall.


Melinda said...

I would love a little snow right now. Today's high is supposed to be 90, with a cold front coming in this weekend. Highs supposed to be around 75 or so. We are still running our A/C day and night.

Funny story about Faith and the cafe. Sounds like Savannah!

Cottle said...

Cute pictures sis, It is so fun to keep updated on your family; keep up the posts. I am excited to hear how your girls like Disneyland. I love seeing the light in the kids eyes when they meet the characters. Thanks again for the sweet packages you are soooo thoughtful. Love ya