Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting Ready

Getting 6 bags ready,
doing 3 heads of hair,
planing 3 meals,
packing 3 meals,
packing blankets
Packing sleeping bags
4 pillows
Jace some toys to play in the dirt
double checking the diaper bag
Is the tent ready?
marshmellow sticks
Lanter, camping stuff ready
coloring books for the ride
Did everyone go potty?
oh ya, Make sure everyone has tennis shoes..........
And that is just for starters!


Two weeks of warm weather and two sucsessful campouts(Well sort-of).

Last year was the first year Bret went on the Fathers and sons campout. He took Jace when only 18 months old, This year at 2 and half they did it again. Only this time in Montana. A little different than Louisiana. Bret called me at 10:00 last friday night telling me how cold he was. Freeeeeeeezing as he described it. Not what you do to an already worried mom. Aperently the one little sleeping bag they had was not enough for the 25 degree weather they were haveing that night. I began asking the questions. Does Jace have warm socks? Are you covering his head? Are you sure you don't just need to bring him home? I felt awful about not sending them with more blankets, and worried sick about my baby. Why has I not remembered how cold it got in the evenings up camping in the northwest. He finally admitted that although it was cold they would survive the night.

And yes they did. Me and the girls had a " Girls Night" Pop-corn and a Movie, we stayed up late (10:00). And then met them the next day around noon for some fishing. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to go camping the following weekend. I was so giddy about the idea. I forgot how much "stuff" You have to pack, It was like packing the whole house. But it proved to be worth the effort. We headed up for tin foil dinners and hotdogs, then a sleepless night in the tent smashed like sardines in Bret's 4-man tent. That was just crazy, Austin was snuggled up by me then Bret, then at the foot of the tent. Bret finally got up around 5:30 and put him in his carseat next to the fire. WHY did we not think of that at 10:00 pm. Afther the crazy nigh we had Breakfast and a day of 4-wheeling and playing in the dirt. It was so relaxing and sooooo Beautiful. Next time I will take some pictures that actually do some justice to how incredible this country is. Not too far up our 4-wheeler ride we found snow. Yes SNOW. camping next to the snow. they had opened the road and most of the campers were Skiers and snowboaders headed up to catch a few runs the next morning. Maybe I'll try it next time...
In all honesty It was wonderful and we look forward to camping becoming more of a tradition in our family!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tribute to Mothers!

Beautiful, kind, loving, full of life and faith. We have often been mistaken for sisters, she has kept her youth, not only in looks but also in Spirit. She is quick to smile and always ready for the next adventure. She has taught me to look forward with faith at life. She has always relied heavily on her testimony and answers to prayers. I have learned to rely on the Lord through her example. I have also learned if I really need help to ask her for her extra prayers in my behalf, I know that the Lord will hear her plea.
I realize now that I am a mother how much she sacrificed as a mother for us five children. I know she would not call it a sacrifice. In the end, it is truly a blessing. Whatever the sleepless nights and deprived personal time I am glad she found it worth it.

I love you MOM!

My other Mother

How did I get so lucky? If Bret can find no fault in her how am I supposed to? It really is hard to do. I have enjoyed her company from our first vacation from Lake Powell back to Texas together. She makes it so easy to have her in our home. Her wisdom and "Get it done attitude" are a great example to me. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything this woman cannot do. The best benifit of it all is the Love she shows our kids. I hope they know how lucky they are to have such a loving grandma!

My Grandmothers

This is a picture of my Grandma Wall with her five boys, My Dad was number 3. After the five boys she had two girls who are not in the picture. After having five children of my own I have new respect for her. It is only when we become a mother that we begin to apreciate our own mothers. My grandma wall has left behind a great legacy in our family. She is an amazing humble woman of Grace and Beauty and is also full of love. She is the one who always, always eats last at a family meal and the first with a compliment. I am the oldest of 40 grandchildren on her side. I am sure she always made sure we were all taken care of before she met her own needs. I look up to her in Awe and admeration.

This is My Grandma Archiblad at my wedding, Her Beautiful Smile reminds me of how much she loves me. Grandma's house was my home away from home. Like an extra refuge. I spent so much time at her home growing up, finding ways to tell my mom that I wanted to stay longer. I lived with her during college and it seems I could just never get enough of her. She was there to be perspective when I needed an extra five bucks in my pocket or a listening ear.

I Love you grandmas

To the world, she isn't important,
Just a woman, one more racing time,
I know that she'll never be famous,
But to me she is more than sublime.

She's not quite a queen in a castle,
Her children aren't princess or kings,
But the love in her, dearly ringing,
Makes royalty, just simple things.

She is kind, she is loving and gentle,
though she works hard and steady all day,
but she's humble so humble and peaceful,
when in prayer at the end of the day.

She's a woman with dreams and with wishes,
though her family means so much more,
and the room to her love is always open,
and her friendship, has never closed doors.

She's a comfort in health and in sickness,
when day's darkened she brings out the sun.
She is happy and peaceful and gentle,
but she's free and she's lucky and fun.

No she's not quite a queen in a castle,
and her children aren't princes or kings,
but the love in her heart is still ringing.
She's my mother, for her my love sings.

by Douglas L. Phillips