Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday visit to Utah

Family here we come!!!!, of all the reasons we wanted to come to Billings, one was to be in driving distance to my family in Utah. We wanted to take advantage of this time when the kids were little to get to know my family a little bit better. So this Holiday season we spent two trips to Utah; Thanksgiving and Christmas and plan on going back in January for my sisters wedding!!!!. This last vacation, we really had fun, I hope everyone else felt the same way. Two family parties, Great Christmas food, and a trip to Temple Square and more.
On the Sunday before Christmas, we went to Church with my Grandma Archibald, then took a little nap at her house and went down to Temple Square with uncle KC. The girls loved seeing the Temple. Temple Square in Salt Lake City is one of my favorite places. I was so taken back when we reached the temple and with all the enthusiasm a little girl could have Faith said, "Mom I want to be married in THAT Temple." Me too, Me too, chimed in the twins. It was so precious, We did not stay long enough to see the lights but walked thru the visitors center and the History museum. The sister Missionaries on the outside grounds took some time to stop and sing some songs with the girls to the people walking by, It was very sweet. The girls love performing.

I was glad to have had this moment because what was to follow was beyond my imagination. We (or should I say I) have been waiting and waiting to have the opportunity to attend the family Christmas parties with the kids that I grew up going to. Well when we arrived at my Aunt LeAnn's House the kids darted off in excitement. Austin was hungry so I sat down to feed him. Immediately after he was done he spued all over me, my white shirt was soaked, I had to ask my Aunt to borrow a shirt. Then when we sat down at a little table and the kids kept pulling the table cloth and spilling every ones drink on her brand new carpet. I was so nervous, Then Jace disappeared and re-appeared with a dirty diaper IN HIS HAND!!! the poop was all over his leg, so off to the tub I went, My cousin's wife, Emily, was right by my side (bless her). We cleaned him up and got back to the party, My Dad was dancing with the girls and Jace while Billy and Ryan played music on the guitar, and we all sang Christmas songs. After that Santa dropped off some gifts at the door.

The girls got stamps!!!! WOW they loved them! But moms mistake was that she did not tell them to wait until we got home to open them. While we played, Jace found the shampoo downstairs and dumped it all over the carpet, made it smell good right? Bret cleaned up that one. Remind me why I wanted to bring five kids under five to a Christmas party. There was plenty of fun and food to have but I was spending all my time running around like a chicken with its head cut off, when we finally got in the car my sweet husband reminded me that the party is not about me anymore. It is all about the kids. And so even if I did not get to visit with the family as much as I wanted, I know that the kids had a good time. And we will remember this one for a long long time. Is that what memories are all about. Thanks to everyone for letting us be a part of your Christmas this year!


Carolina girl said...

How awesome to be with your family for the holidays! I am sure they had rather you and your sweet little family be there--even with all the craziness--than not at all. Sure miss you guys!

Be A Saint said...

I am sure everything stuck out to you more than to anyone else. Everyone loves your sweet kids, anyway. You are smart to just go ahead and do things that seem too difficult. It will pay off in the end! We miss you all! So glad Sister Lindsay is taking care of the Pogue's in Saudi!

The Crowsnest said...

That's Awesome!! he he Sounds like my life, but I'm sure you are more patient than I am. Every day is a suprise around here. I'm sure you probably feel the same.