Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mardi Gras Visitors and Red Lodge

Well we had a little bit of home come to us this past weekend. Our good friends the Trahans came in for a vistit over the Mardi Gras Holiday. If you remember our post with Alayna. One of my Faithful Babysitters in Lousina. Both her and her parents came in for a visit. The girls went with me to the airport to pick them up. They were to say the least estatic! The Trahans brought with them some Boudin, crawfish tails, Beads and King Cake. Clair made us her famous Crawfish Fettucine. And Faith was able to share the Beads and Cake with her class at school. It was fun for both Faith and I to share with her class about the tradition of Mardi Gras. I miss the rich culture of the State.

Alfred and Alayna wanted to take on the slopes at Red Lodge Mountain, It is only about an hour from our house. I decided to take Faith up on Tuesday, Or Fat Tuesday as she learned. I thought I would have a frustrated little girl on the slopes. Not a change. After an hour of lessons she was ready to go. Fast. I would tell her to slow down and turn. "No mommmy I want to go fast" was her reply. I was very impressed. She reminded me of my Brother KayCee, when he was learning to ski.

All in All we had a great vacation. I would have never taken up the trip to Red lodge if our friends had not come. Clair watched the toddlers while Bret took care of Austin at the resort, So I could take a break when necessary to feed him.

We all are still surviving our colds. Yes we were all a little sick through it all. They thought it was funny I had halls in my candy Jar, but they came in handy. It was nice weather, I thought, but the cold weather Clair was hoping for came after she left. It is now 10 degrees outside and six inches of snow on the ground. brrrrrrrr..

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