Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Embracing motherhood

I found this poem and wanted to share it with my mothering friends.

Embracing Motherhood
I’d rather sing a lullaby, late into the night than live a life of luxury, donning jewels so bright. I’d rather wipe a tear, and kiss away the pain than come home to an empty house, feeling lonely again. I’d rather invest in diapers and clothes that wear too fast than prove our prestige and wealth in things that just don’t last. I’d rather be a Mom; no greater job there is. Each child is a blessing, because each child is His. ~Becky Squire

How grateful I am to be having another child and I hope I can dedicate my life to raising my family unto the Lord.


Andrea said...

You are such an amazing mom. You keep it all together when I would freak out!!
Let me tell ya that all Clayton wants to do now in the car with lane is double buckle, even though we have like three extra seats!! :)
The poem is really nice, thanks for sharing it!

Andrea said...

I found this site where the lady makes really neat free backgrounds!! It's:


There are some really cute ones!!

Laughlin Family said...

I love the songs and hats that you guys are wearing.

Kristen said...

How are you? The girls went to lunch today and I found out you were expecting again. Congratulations!! I am so excitied you are moving closer. I bet your family was glad. You are my hero! I was glad to here you had a blog page. Now maybe we will know what is going on in each others lifes. Love Ya!